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Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, and IHEs for Research on the Role of Arts in American Life

Deadline: 10/17/17

Grants to USA nonprofits, government agencies, tribes, and IHEs to conduct research addressing the impact and value of the arts for American life. Applicants are advised that the required online registration may take two weeks to complete. Studies m... GrantWatch ID#: 175012

Grants to USA, Canada, International Postdoctoral Fellows and Medical Students for Autism Research Activities

Deadline: 12/01/17

Grants of $25,000 to USA, Canada, and International graduate (predoctoral) students and medical students, and grants of $35,000 to postdoctoral scholars, for research activities related to autism spectrum disorders. Please note that USA citizens may... GrantWatch ID#: 174606

Awards to USA Communities to Recognize Efforts to Improve Residents' Health

Deadline: 01/18/18
LOI Date: 11/03/17

Prizes of $25,000 and other award benefits to USA and territories local governments, tribes, regions, and nonprofits representing communities that have prioritized health. Initial applications are due November 3. Strong candidates are forming effect... GrantWatch ID#: 175672

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Agencies to Expand Access to Sterile Syringes and Reduce Blood-Borne Diseases

Deadline: 11/10/17

Grants of up to $75,000 to USA and territories nonprofit organizations and government agencies to reduce the risk of hepatitis C, HIV, and other blood-borne diseases for populations that inject drugs. Applicants wishing to submit a video application... GrantWatch ID#: 162781

Prizes to USA, Canada, and International Students and Professionals for Designing an Energy Efficient Building

Deadline: 01/10/18

Prizes to USA, Canada, and International architects, urban planners, engineers, landscape architects, designers, and students for successfully designing an energy efficient educational and visitor center located in Tiburon, California. The purpose o... GrantWatch ID#: 173777

Grants to Staten Island, New York Nonprofits and Artists for Public Arts and Cultural Programming

Deadline: 10/27/17

Grants ranging from $500 to $5,000 to Staten Island, New York nonprofit organizations and individual artists partnering with a nonprofit for the presentation of arts and cultural programming. Upcoming seminars are scheduled for October 3 and October... GrantWatch ID#: 162184

Fellowships to USA Mid-Career Professionals to Improve Health Care and Health Care Policy

Deadline: 11/15/17

Fellowships to USA mid-career professionals working at nonprofits, government agencies, and academic institutions to engage with the federal health policy process in Washington, DC. The fellowship provides exemplary health professionals and social a... GrantWatch ID#: 162334

Grants to New York Nonprofit Organizations to Enhance Recreational Trails and Parks

Deadline: 12/08/17
Conference Date: 11/01/17

Grants to New York nonprofit organizations for projects to improve and promote recreational trails throughout the state. Applicants requesting funds in the professional development category must submit an LOI by October 11. Applicants are strongly e... GrantWatch ID#: 164065

Award to a USA or Canada K-12 Teacher for Outstanding Science Instruction

Deadline: 12/10/17

Award of $10,000 to a USA, territories, or Canada K-12 science teacher for positively impacting his or her school, community, and students through outstanding classroom education. Special projects may be referred to in the nomination or application,... GrantWatch ID#: 172654

Grants to New York City Artists and Minnesota Arts Administrators for Travel to Advance their Careers

Deadline: 12/07/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Minnesota arts organization administrators, and to New York City, New York individual artists to travel out of state domestically or internationally to study, explore, and advance their careers. Funding is intended for arti... GrantWatch ID#: 176116

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Tribes, and Public Food Programs to Improve Community Food Resiliency and Access

Deadline: 12/04/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations, tribal organizations, and public food program service providers to improve community-level food resiliency and access. Funding is intended to address the food needs of low-income communities, increase self-reli... GrantWatch ID#: 152478

Grants to USA IHEs to Enhance the Undergraduate Humanities Curriculum

Deadline: 10/17/17

Grants of up to $35,000 to USA colleges and universities to enhance the quality of humanities programming available to undergraduate students. Required registrations must be created or verified by September 19 and October 3. Funding is available for... GrantWatch ID#: 173969

Grants to USA and Israel For-Profits to Collaborate on Commercial Technology Development

Deadline: 10/17/17

Grants to USA and Israel for-profit tech companies to work together on the research and development, manufacturing, and selling of innovative products with significant commercial potential. Applicants are required to contact the funding source prior... GrantWatch ID#: 174416

Grants to USA IHEs for Integrative Approaches to Enhance Undergraduate Humanities Education

Deadline: 10/17/17

Grants to USA colleges and universities for the implementation of innovative strategies to improve humanities undergraduate education. Required registrations must be created or verified by September 19 and October 3. Funding is intended to support t... GrantWatch ID#: 182158

Grants to USA Indian Tribes to Reduce Traffic Fatalities and Injuries in Native American Communities

Deadline: 12/11/17
Conference Date: 10/17/17

Grants to USA Indian Tribes to address transportation safety challenges in their communities. Consideration will be given to projects that address the reduction and prevention of serious injuries and death in transportation-related incidents, includ... GrantWatch ID#: 159418

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Nonprofit for Outstanding Contributions to Humanitarian Aid

Deadline: 10/18/17

Award to a USA, Canada, or International nonprofit organization to recognize outstanding contributions to alleviate human suffering. The purpose of this award is to honor and advance the recipient organization’s efforts and call attention to the g... GrantWatch ID#: 146363

Grants to USA Nonprofit, Professional Theater and Dance Companies to Support the Arts, Arts Education, Theater, a...

Deadline: 10/18/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations that focus on the areas of the arts, arts education, theater, and/or dance. Funding will be provided for unrestricted general operating support, rather than for specific projects. The majority of funding is dir... GrantWatch ID#: 173292

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Investigators for Research on Alzheimer's Disease

Deadline: 10/18/17

Grants starting at up to $75,000 a year to USA, Canada, and International investigators at nonprofit organizations or institutions for research on the development of preventions, treatments, and cures for Alzheimer's disease. Funding will be provide... GrantWatch ID#: 175069

Grants to Tompkins County, New York Nonprofits for Programs that Benefit Local Residents

Deadline: 10/18/17

Grants ranging from $200 to $5,000 to Tompkins County, New York nonprofit organizations for a wide range of charitable programs, projects, and services that benefit local County residents. Funding is specifically intended to support proposals that d... GrantWatch ID#: 175438


Grants to New York City Neighborhood Groups and Schools for Community Projects in Low-Income Areas

Deadline: 01/22/18
Conference Date: 10/18/17

Grants of up to $3,000 to New York City resident-led groups and schools for community improvement projects. Priority is given to Title I public schools and groups in low-income neighborhoods. Funding is intended for projects that engage local reside... GrantWatch ID#: 176991

Grants to USA and Canada Nonprofits to Enhance the Quality of Life for Senior Citizens

Deadline: 10/20/17

Grants to USA and Canada nonprofits to support programs that will enhance the quality of life for seniors in local communities. Funding may go towards benefiting a senior center, purchasing a transportation vehicle, assisting in low-income housing ... GrantWatch ID#: 176998

Grants to New York Nonprofits to Benefit the Communities of Ulster, Orange, and Dutchess Counties

Deadline: 10/20/17

Grants to New York nonprofit organizations to strengthen communities and benefit the residents of Ulster, Orange, and Dutchess Counties. Applications will be considered in areas such as housing, human services, and education. Funding may be requeste... GrantWatch ID#: 181876

Grants to Cattaraugus County Area Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools for Education and Human Services

Deadline: 10/21/17

Grants ranging from $100 to $2,000 to Cattaraugus County Area nonprofit organizations, government agencies, universities, and school districts to meet local community needs. The Foundation provides grants for health care, education, the arts, schola... GrantWatch ID#: 180635

Fellowships to USA Graduate Students for STEM and STEM Education Degrees

Deadline: 10/23/17

Fellowships to USA and territories students to support doctoral or master’s degree research in the STEM fields, as well as STEM education. This program selects students early in their graduate careers according to a demonstrated potential for sign... GrantWatch ID#: 181918

Fellowships to USA, Canada, and International Individuals for Social Justice Projects that Benefit the Community

Deadline: 10/24/17

Fellowships of $80,000 and fellowships of $90,000 to USA, Canada, and International individuals for community projects that bring positive social change. The projects may be in the areas of education, environmental sustainability, economic developme... GrantWatch ID#: 164279

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits for Women and Girls in Developing Countries

Deadline: 10/24/17

Grants ranging from $35,000 to $50,000 to USA, Canada, and International nonprofits to support grassroots efforts to empower women and girls in developing countries. Funding will support projects that assist women and girls experiencing poverty thro... GrantWatch ID#: 176461

Grants to USA Individuals for Historic Preservation Research in Architecture, Urban Design, or the Environment

Deadline: 10/25/17

Grants of up to $15,000 to USA individuals for research and preservation-related projects. Grantees must be mid-career professionals with experience in one or more of the following areas: architecture, historic preservation, urban design, architectu... GrantWatch ID#: 160429

Grant to a USA Mid-Career Professional for a Research Project in the Field of Historical Preservation

Deadline: 10/25/17

Grant of up to $15,000 to a USA professional who is in the middle of their career for a research project in the area of historical preservation or a related field of study. Projects should seek to creatively make significant contributions to the pr... GrantWatch ID#: 160430

Grant to a USA Architect or Professional in a Related Field for a Project that Advances Architectural Preservati...

Deadline: 10/25/17

Grant of up to $15,000 to a USA professional working in architecture or a related field for a project that explores architecture and preservation. Related fields may include historic preservation, architectural history, architectural conservation, e... GrantWatch ID#: 160431

Awards to Recognize USA and Canada Scientists and Physicians for Research Projects that Help Prevent, Treat, or C...

Deadline: 01/19/18
LOI Date: 10/25/17

Awards to recognize USA and Canada individual scientists and physicians whose innovative research has the potential to advance medical therapies for those suffering from retinal degenerative diseases. Letters of Intent are due by October 25. This f... GrantWatch ID#: 182102

Awards to USA and Canada Middle and High Schools for Outstanding Science Lab Instruction

Deadline: 12/15/17
Conference Date: 10/25/17

Awards to USA and Canada middle and high schools to recognize innovative science education programs for students in grades 6-12. The purpose of this program is to support outstanding approaches in science lab instruction that utilize limited laborat... GrantWatch ID#: 156676

Grants to New York Nonprofits for Community Development in Wayne County

Deadline: 10/27/17

Grants starting at $5,000 for New York nonprofits for programs and projects that directly or indirectly benefit those living in Wayne County, with special consideration to services provided to residents of Macedon. Applicants should demonstrate evid... GrantWatch ID#: 175180

Grants to New York and Baltimore, Maryland Organizations to Promote Residents' Health and Wellness

Deadline: 10/27/17

Grants to New York and Baltimore, Maryland organizations to promote the health and well-being of residents. Funding will be provided for a wide range of civic, cultural, and charitable endeavors as well as public interest law and legal education. T... GrantWatch ID#: 178646


Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits, Artists, and Cultural Institutions for Contemporary Arts Pr...

Deadline: 01/05/18
LOI Date: 10/27/17

Grants to USA, Canada, and International nonprofit organizations, artists, art production platforms, cultural institutions, festivals, and biennials for projects in the field of contemporary art. LOIs are due October 27. Funding may support the exhi... GrantWatch ID#: 179287

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Artists to Support High-Quality and Innovative Contemporary Arts Performances

Deadline: 02/26/18
LOI Date: 10/30/17

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $45,000 to USA nonprofits in partnership with artists, ensembles, producers, and presenters of high artistic standard with a history of outstanding work in contemporary performance. Round One applications are due Octob... GrantWatch ID#: 146496


Awards to USA and International High School, College, and Graduate School Students for Environmental Stewardship ...

Deadline: 10/30/17

Awards of up to $5,000 and in-kind donations to USA and international high school, college, and graduate school students who participate in an environmental stewardship program. This program takes place over the course of thirty days, during which ... GrantWatch ID#: 161059

Grants to USA Individuals Affiliated with a Native American Tribe for Cultural Art Projects

Deadline: 10/30/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to USA individuals affiliated with a Native American tribe for art projects that will preserve and strengthen the tribe's culture. The grant program will provide recipients with both financial and technical support. Recipients... GrantWatch ID#: 174413

Grants to USA Individuals and Groups for Youth-Led Community Service Projects

Deadline: 10/30/17

Grants of $200 to USA individuals and community, school, and nonprofit groups for youth-led community service projects. Funding is intended for youth to identify and address a priority community need through a service campaign for animals, people, o... GrantWatch ID#: 179276


Grants to USA Nonprofits to Address Their Technology Needs

Deadline: 10/31/17

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 to USA nonprofit organizations that are seeking equipment or financial assistance to help meet or pay for their technology needs. These grants are intended to support and promote the innovative use of technolog... GrantWatch ID#: 139976

Grants to USA Organic Producers and Handlers to Reimburse Organic Certification Costs

Deadline: 10/31/17

Grants of up to $750 to USA and territories organic farmers and handlers to defray costs associated with organic certification. Qualifying producers may request reimbursement on paid certification costs from their state agency. Categories eligible f... GrantWatch ID#: 145836

Grants to USA, Canada, and International NGOs and Commercial and Social Enterprises for Rural Development Initia...

Deadline: 12/20/17
LOI Date: 10/31/17

Grants to USA, Canada, and International social enterprises, commercial enterprises, and nonprofit entities for initiatives that address challenges in nutrition, access to clean water, and rural development. A letter of intent is due October 31, 201... GrantWatch ID#: 150750

Grants to USA Military Individuals and Families Affected by Autism for Treatments, Support, and Services

Deadline: 10/31/17

Grants ranging from $100 to $5,000 to USA military individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder for effective treatments, assessments and needed life supports. Uses can include ABA therapy, summer camps, helmets, nutritional supplem... GrantWatch ID#: 157364

Grants to USA IHEs for Scholarship Programs in Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Sciences

Deadline: 10/31/17

Grants to USA colleges and universities to support historically underserved or underrepresented groups by offering scholarships in veterinary medicine and agricultural sciences. Scholarships will promote the recruitment, engagement, retention, train... GrantWatch ID#: 160554


Scholarships to USA Spouses or Caregivers of Post-9/11 Veterans for Higher Education or Training

Deadline: 10/31/17

Scholarships to USA spouses and caregivers of post-9/11 veterans to help cover the costs associated with higher education or training at accredited universities, colleges, or trade schools. The Funding Source seeks to help individuals that are takin... GrantWatch ID#: 165044


Grants to USA Nonprofits for Research and Programs that Focus On the Earth Sciences

Deadline: 10/31/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations and institutions for programs, projects, and research that focus on the Earth Sciences. Applicants must submit an LOI at least four to six weeks before the deadline of October 31st. The funding source's overall ... GrantWatch ID#: 172503

Grants to USA Native Artists for Professional Training and Business Development

Deadline: 10/31/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to USA individual Native artists for self-directed programs to enhance their business skills. Eligible artists will receive individualized technical assistance, professional development guidance, and working capital to begin o... GrantWatch ID#: 174427

Awards to USA, Canada, and Mexico Librarians for Extraordinary Achievements in the Profession

Deadline: 10/31/17

Award to a USA, Canada, or Mexico professional librarian to recognize outstanding accomplishments and achievements within the field. Nominations are invited on behalf of those whose actions represent the loftiest service goals within the profession.... GrantWatch ID#: 174734

Grants to USA, Territories, and Canada Nonprofits to Bring Japanese Performing Arts to Audiences

Deadline: 10/31/17

Grants to USA, Territories, and Canada nonprofit organizations for efforts to introduce Japanese performing arts to local audiences through touring programs or artist collaborations. The funding source offers two types of support through this progr... GrantWatch ID#: 174900

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits to Promote Contemporary American Music

Deadline: 10/31/17

Grants to USA, Canada, and International nonprofit organizations for programs and projects related to contemporary American music. Funding may be requested for special projects or general operating support. Preference will be given to projects that ... GrantWatch ID#: 175954

In-Kind Grants to USA K-12 Schools, Colleges, and Agencies for Bees and Equipment to Set up On-Site Bee Sanctuari...

Deadline: 10/31/17

In-kind grants to USA nonprofit K-12 schools, colleges and universities, environmental centers, Tribal education agencies, and community gardens and food banks. This program provides winners with bees and equipment to help them safely set up, mainta... GrantWatch ID#: 176196

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